Welcome to Adventures in Black and White. This page started originally as a blog page on Facebook back in 2017 to record the escapades of Oroness and Nickel I, sadly Nessie is no longer with us and Nickel has retired but is very much still causing trouble and always threatening a comeback! My journey is not over though and this blog is here to keep up the spirit of our adventures. Who knows where it may lead.

On this site, there is my usual blog content as well as reviews and guides to help others on their equestrian journeys. I hope you enjoy reading/watching it as much as I am making it all happen.


The Book

The Book, for years I have been trying to write an account of my times in the Thoroughbred Industry. I am using this page as reminder that it still needs to be done! I will be updating as and when with excerpts for review so please do check back to see how far I have got!


I am always happy to hear from followers, I am happy to answer all questions, requests or comments. Please contact me via my social media channels or by emailing ria@adventuresinblackandwhite.co.uk