Strange Times and New Adventures

Welcome to my first blog for the new home of Adventures in Black and White. Now it may seem like an odd time to start up a website dedicated to my journey in Dressage but here goes! With the dreaded Covid-19 putting everything on hold, I have loads of time to concentrate on horses rather than work.

Adventures in Black and White was set up 3 years ago. It began to document the adventures of Oroness and Nickel in their BD escapades on Facebook. Featuring both of the ups and downs has always been important. And plenty has happened in that time, poor Nessie is no longer with us and Nickel has had to retire. So now the adventure continues.

Currently I am looking for a new horse on loan to take over the reins from Nickel. Horse hunting is a very difficult task but I have a very basic brief. The horse must be over 15.2hh, schooling Elementary and preferably have competed at that level too. I am hoping that this is direct enough to attract the right horses. I am not fussy on age or sex as from experience the right horse could be a mare or gelding and the older horses definitely have a lot to offer. So currently I am scouring Facebook, Horsequest, Right Horse Right Home and many others daily. I am always open to suggestions!

Likewise, aside from getting the brief right, I have been preparing myself. I have spent 9 years pretty much riding one horse and this really affects your riding. So this week, now we are allowed to ‘go training’, I have been riding other people’s horses. Fully complying with Social Distancing etc. This has really given me a lift in my riding confidence and helping me form a solid opinion on what I like and I dislike.

The gorgeous Sexy Simon AKA The Iron Factor

So if you enjoyed reading this blog and my ones from the past please leave a comment and have a look at my reviews page for my latest product review.

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